What’s a Forever House?

aForeverHouseLogo1200At face value, a forever house is simply a dwelling where an inhabitant intends to live the rest of their life. However, its true essence lies much deeper.

A forever house is both practical and spiritual. It seeks to both anticipate the physical needs of the aging owner(s) and, more significantly I believe, attend to their emotional and spiritual centering. For those who seek a forever house, it embodies a true coming home: an arrival of the self and a deep sense of connection.

It’s important to make the distinction between house and home. Home is about finding and making peace with yourself and your place in the world. A house is a tool for that journey. While you reside in a house, your home resides within you.

The yearning for connection is the basis, the very heart of home. How do you connect to your own nature and that of the world? This is a lifelong question – in fact, the journey of life itself.

Everyone’s nature is different, as are their journeys. Consequently, the tools I might find most helpful for my life’s journey may well differ from yours. For some, the search for connection is a more literal “getting out into the world.” They may embark on a highly peripatetic means of engaging themselves with places and people.

A forever house addresses a different sort of journey, one that seeks rootedness as a means of engagement. The aforeverhouse.com website is intended as an inspiration and resource for people sharing a profound need – a need for making a uniquely personal place to dwell in the world.

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